10 Effective Ways to Revive Dead EV Car Batteries

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2 min readMay 3, 2023

Electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly popular due to their eco-friendliness. Before buying an EV, most customers think about the battery’s performance. Indeed, if you are one of them, read this post because I am going to tell you 10 effective ways to revive dead EV car batteries. Moreover, if you have already purchased an EV bike or car a few years back and you are facing battery degradation, this post is going to solve your issues. Before spending thousands of dollars on a new battery, spend ten minutes reading this post.

Perform a Deep Discharge of Your EV Battery

One of the most common reasons for EV battery failure is a shallow discharge cycle. Over time, it leads to a buildup of sulfate crystals on the battery plates, which reduces the battery’s capacity. Perform a deep discharge cycle, which involves fully discharging the battery until the vehicle stops working and then recharging it fully.

Repeat this process a few times to break down the sulfate crystals and improve the battery’s capacity. It works amazingly!

Use a Battery Conditioner

A battery conditioner is a device that helps to restore the battery’s capacity by breaking down any sulfate crystals that have formed on the battery plates.

These devices work by applying a high-frequency pulse to the battery, which helps to break down the sulfate crystals and restore the battery’s capacity. Indeed, it is a complex process, and I highly recommend you consult an expert for conducting this method.

Use a Desulfator for Reviving the Dead EV Battery

A desulfator is another device that helps to revive a dead EV battery by breaking down sulfate crystals. It works by applying a high-voltage pulse to the battery, which helps to dissolve the sulfate crystals and restore the battery’s capacity. If you do not have experience and knowledge doing such things, hire an expert for this task.

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