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Spread Your Thoughts in the Universe. It’ll be a reality.

This is the law of attraction. You can attract the universe because the universe is inside you. Spread your thoughts and ideas in the universe and feel the result. You have to believe it.

Do you love someone? Relax, believe in the law of attraction.

That’s true. Though it is not proven

The universe is within your reach. You need to learn how to balance it.

If you learn more about the law of attraction, you understand how to balance it. Just focus on your goal and visualize it. You may fulfil your aim if you have balance in your life.

Time and the Universe teach us the law of attraction.

None but Time and universe is the best teacher. They teach us the law of nature, law of manifestation, law of reality, and law of attraction.

Vibration is the source of real energy. This is the mystery and secret of the universe.

Law of attraction is nothing more than your physical vibration, just balance the flow of natural and physical vibration, and you will be happy and positive.

The law of attraction is for happiness, and this happiness will lead you to success.

Only visualization and imagination will not work until you choose the right way and prepare your mind for hard work.

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