Best 7 Cargo Pants for Women in 2021

GUYUEQIQIN Women’s Cargo Pants

Based on many customers’ feedback, we have included it in our lists. Moreover, it has 79% Polyester and 21% Spandex.


  • Amazon ships this product,
  • It provides free replacement and return and offers 24-hour service.
  • They have updated their size chart. Please check their new chart, available on Amazon, before making the final purchase.

CQR Women’s Flex Stretch Tactical Pants

Don’t believe me! You can check the reviews and ratings. This is onew of the best sellers on Amazon and we think, it is a choice if you need cargo pants with pocket. It is a water repellent pants with elastic waist and Pockets. As we have included in our list, it must have some great features.


Multi-Functional and Flexible Fabric Mix

It has cotton with Rip-stop Duratex Fabric. Well, it functions as same as Teflon. You will feel better comfort and durability.

Elastic Action Waist Band

It is specially designed to fit elastic waistband for more comfort and support.

Non Flap Magazine Pocket

Do you need pocket in cargo pants for women? This Non-flap magazine pocket is very helpful for quick storage of equipment, cell phones and other tools.

Large Capacity Pockets

The best part is, during winter, you can easily access this Large Deep Front Pockets even with gloves on. Moreover, this Dual layered pocket bottom prevents wear and tear from excessive clip-on accessories.



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