Can Solar Panels Power Your AC?

How Do You Run an Air Conditioner Using Solar Panels?

You need an inverter, batteries, and solar panels to run solar-powered air conditioners in your residential or commercial premises.

Can We Use AC with Solar Power?

You can use an air conditioner with solar power. However, you need to find out the type of AC that fulfills your needs. Please read the following types:

Different Types of Solar-Powered Air Conditioners

If you want to install a solar AC, you have three options. I suggest you use hybrid solar AC because you can run it using on and off-grid power. There are other options like on-grid solar AC and off-grid solar AC.

On-grid Solar AC System

In this case, panels and inverter are to be connected to your AC unit. You need to install panels and connect them to the grid, so batteries are not required to store power. However, if the power goes out, the system will run smoothly because it is not using coal electricity. Do you know the best part of it?

Off-grid Solar Powered Air Conditioner

In this case, the panels are connected to an inverter and batteries. Since this system is not connected to the grid, your battery can keep the additional power generated by the solar panels. You can use it during the night or on cloudy days when panels cannot get direct sunlight.

  • DC (direct current)
  • AC (alternating current)
  • Hybrid

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner System

A hybrid AC unit uses an inverter that converts DC into AC power and is able to use on-grid power when the solar power supply is not sufficient. It is a combination of both on and off-grid systems that I was talking about earlier.

Things to Consider Before Installing Solar-Powered AC

Solar AC is not cost-effective but an amazing option, especially for commercial premises, because it cuts down on your monthly electricity bills. If your set-up has a backup battery, it is possible to blackout-proof your premises.

Purpose of Installing Solar Panels

The upfront installation costs will vary depending on whether you choose to install a completely off-grid solar power system to power your house or use it only for solar AC. While both options provide the same benefits, off-grid solar panels will offer higher ROI because you can use the power for more appliances in your home using green energy.

The Location and Climate

A warmer climate needs more powerful AC, and the unit consumes more electricity. The number of solar panels depends on the location and climate. For example, if you are a resident of Arizona, you need more power for AC than a resident who lives in an upper-Midwest state with more clouds and snow.

Size of Your Premises

Lastly, the installation costs will depend on the size of your premises and the power of the solar AC. Commercial premises need more powerful AC and the latest model than residential premises- so the cost differs!

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Run in an AC Unit?

To operate your AC through solar panels, you must make sure panels generate an equal (or more) amount of power. A common estimate is to divide your AC power with the solar panel’s power you want to utilize.

Can We Run Solar AC at Night?

You can run solar AC at night using an inverter and batteries. You need separate solar batteries for on-grid solar AC because solar panels are connected to an on-grid supply. They cannot save power in the battery.



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