Can You Turn Off Outdoor Solar Lights?

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2 min readFeb 21, 2023

Solar lights are a great addition to any outdoor area! Right? I prefer solar products because they are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. However, sometimes it is necessary to turn off the outdoor solar lights. In this comprehensive guide, I am going to tell you three methods of turning off solar LEDs.

Please read the following methods:

Method 1: Using the On/Off Switch of Solar LEDs

The simplest way to turn off your outdoor solar lights is by using the on/off switch. You can find the switch on the back of the light fixture. To turn off the lights, simply flip the switch to the “off” position.

If you are having trouble locating the on/off switch, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or manual for further guidance. It is simple! I do not think you have to read the manual.

Isn’t it?

Method 2: Disconnecting the Battery

Another way to turn off your outdoor solar lights is by disconnecting the battery. You can find the battery inside the light fixture and easily disconnect it by removing the cover. To turn off the lights, simply disconnect the battery and reattach it when you want to turn the lights back on.

Please note that you should not keep the solar lights unused for a long time, it affects the efficiency of solar batteries and panels.

Method 3: Covering the Solar Panel

If you want to temporarily turn off your outdoor solar lights, you can cover the solar panel. It will prevent the lights from receiving sunlights and effectively turn LEDs off. To do this, simply place a piece of cardboard on the solar panel. When you are ready to turn the lights back on, simply remove the material. However, you should turn the lights on only during the daytime because panels need sunlight.

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