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May 13, 2020

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How to be a Good Women Entrepreneur

How to be a Good Women Entrepreneur

Women entrepreneurship is the empowerment of women to develop a business strategy and handle and manage it independently. Women entrepreneurship is an organization where women are working as a team.

Nowadays, women’s empowerment plays a vital role to modify this process. The important part is, due to the high literacy rate, women are coming into the industry and helping other women to get their livelihood.

Growth of women entrepreneurship:

This women entrepreneur can be categorized into-

The problem faced by women entrepreneur:

* Women are thought to be weak in society.

* They have their family responsibility but get a lack of support from the family members.

* Middlemen come in the business they buy from women at a low price and sell in the market at a high price so, women entrepreneurs do not get their values.

* High competition but lack of source and not a sound financial condition

How to overcome this problem

* Right funding for financial help