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But, we doubt it when we understand there are plenty of things that we cannot control in life. Here, I am dealing with a lesson and suggestions on how we can control those things.

The things you cannot control are-

1. The past of your life.

2. What others think about you.

3. The error that other makes.

4. Climate.

And, the things you can control are-

1. Your society and some elements of nature around you.

2. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions.

3. Your choice and decision.

4. Others attitude towards you.

5. Your fate.

Why things are beyond our control?

But if we can reduce this influence on us, then? Can we do it? Can I control our society alone?

The answer is yes and no both. Actually, it depends on you. Your urge for success. You can definitely influence whole society alone but for this you may have to wait a long time and you need proper planning to tackle the odds of society.

So, the reasons for which we cannot control things are given below-

  • Lack of proper planning
  • Depends on other people
  • Depends on society
  • Pessimistic mindset and lack of energy

What are the things we cannot control?

Actually, there is nothing that we cannot control. We can control it more or less. For example, any issue of society maybe some rumors. Most of us think we cannot control it.

Who controls our fate?

Definitely, we control our fate. Sometimes, our society and circumstances also help us to form our lives. In popular terms, fate is a combination of hard work and mindset. Actually, it’s true. So to control fate we need to control our mind like what I have said earlier.

How can I control our fate?

1. Discussion and right decision

2. Experience

3. A healthy mind and body

4. Stick around till the end

5. Positive thinking

Things we cannot control quotes.

1. Avoid the things you cannot control is a wise decision.

2. Focus on the things that you can control, these are the things that will write your success story.

3. Use your negative feelings as a positive one.

4. Control your inside, you can influence the outside.

5. Relax and do not stress for the things you cannot control.

6. Think positive for others, you can control the universe.

7. You can influence but cannot control everything.

8. Focus on your inner sound, keep peace inside you.

9. Be grateful for those things you can control and focus on those.

10. Take the responsibility and blame of the things you cannot control because you are the warrior in your life.




AIM for Cent means Aim for achieving 100%. Here We provide motivational quotes, stories, product review, and many more.

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AimforCent : Rohan

AimforCent : Rohan

AIM for Cent means Aim for achieving 100%. Here We provide motivational quotes, stories, product review, and many more.

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