Should You Leave an Outdoor Fountain on All the Time?

Should You Turn Off Your Outdoor Water Fountain?

I do not recommend switching off the water fountain because they are designed to run 24/7. Do you know that frequently switching off the water pump can cause it to be damaged more quickly? It could also trigger additional issues (pests, bugs, and algae) due to stagnant water.

Do Fountain Pumps Need to Run Continuously?

The fountains are used to run continuously, and they operate at a lower speed, so they last for a long time without much maintenance. Indeed, you can switch off the fountain for maintenance, but do not switch it off and on every day.

What Will Happens If You Leave an Outdoor Water Fountain Off?

It may lead to issues like the growth of algae which can lead to the breeding of pests and other insects. The habit of turning off your fountain frequently can cause damage to the fountain and the pump. Some other issues are:

  • The breeding ground of eggs-laying insects during the summer months.
  • Growth of algae and other bacteria.
  • Dirt and other weeds make the water grey.
  • If you have fish, the stagnant water may cause harm to their health.
  • Your pool can be the ‘Palace’ of mosquito larvae!

When Should I Turn off My Fountain?

All the water fountains (solar fountains, too) need maintenance because I faced an odor in my pool when the solar fountain was left without maintenance. I suggest switching off the fountain once a month and cleaning the pool. There are many ways to keep your pool odor-free.

How Long Should I Keep My Solar Fountain Switch off?

You should not keep the fountain switched off because algae or bacteria start to grow within 24 hours. You may notice the algae growth (change in water color) within a week, but the stagnant water is always a magnet for adult mosquitoes. Once mosquitoes lay eggs, they start to hatch!

Should I Turn off My Waterfall at Night?

If you are using an electric fountain, there is no need to turn it off at night. In the case of a solar water fountain outdoors, you can save battery power when you do not need to run the system. However, it needs less maintenance, and solar power does not add up to your electricity bills, so you can run the fountain all the time.

Can You Turn Off Water Fountains Outdoor in Winter?

The fountain should not be turned off in winter, as it can freeze the fountain or water. Switching off the fountain could cause damage to the pump. A frozen pool of water can damage marble, stone, or any other material used in fountains.

  • Remove the water completely and clean the pool before turning off the pump.
  • You must cover the fountain with a tarp or remove it to avoid snowfalls.

Should You Leave Indoor Fountains on All the Time?

The functions of outdoor and indoor fountains are similar. Generally, there is no issue keeping an indoor fountain running at all times. The pumps are compact and built to last for a long time. However, you must ensure that you clean the water and fountains at least once in two weeks to prevent algae and germ growth.

How Should You Maintain Outdoor Water Fountains?

Maintaining your outdoor water fountains is not a very difficult task. I am helping you to make it simple.

  1. You need to maintain the external factors such as cleaning the pool and fountain structure.
  2. Hire experts to check the health of the fountains using advanced tools. They will also check the chemicals in the water, nets, and pads of the fountains.
  • The water pump must be able to deliver maximum power.
  • The pads for filtering and the net should be kept clean.
  • The water level must be sufficient to ensure your pump runs smoothly.
  • If the fountain comes with an autofill function, ensure it is in the correct setting.

Do Water Fountains Use a Lot of Electricity?

Water fountains do not require lots of power, particularly those with smaller (low horsepower) pumps. Some non-branded cheap water fountains operate using small water pumps that consume more electricity than an ordinary LED bulb or two.

Do Outdoor Water Fountains Attract Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes and other pests prefer moist areas, so water fountains in outdoor areas, particularly garden fountains, are a favorite breeding ground for adult mosquitoes (and other pests such as cockroaches and rodents) that may lay eggs and multiply in number quickly.



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